In this post-COVID-19 scenario, the company has decided to invest in the creation of an e-commerce site from scratch, which allows it to effectively promote its products online, especially abroad, emphasizing the tailoring characteristics to the fullest. and highlight the points of value. The planned activities are in fact aimed at the creation and promotion of an e-commerce portal, dedicated to some product lines that the company has identified as the target audience to offer to customers.


The main objectives are:

  • create a simple and attractive online platform;

  • create content capable of enhancing the product offered;

  • generate contacts and visits on landing pages and connected social pages;

  • increase the number of potential customers;

  • create an effective online sales system;

  • increase its database of profiled users interested in products / services.


The implementation of the project made it possible to automate mainly the activities of selling products abroad, with a view to the internationalization desired by the company, and the corresponding functions were made available on the Internet in interactive mode. The entire process is now therefore fluidized and the company is relieved of the burden of manual management of most types of orders, while offering guided and user-friendly automated management.

Project financed through the Regional Operational Program (POR) FESR 2014 - 2020 "Investments in favor of growth and employment", by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund, the Italian Republic and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Expenditure allowed for the project: € 28,000.00 - Contribution granted: € 14,000.00